Don’t have a ride or car broke down somewhere? Don’t worry, we can help you!

How many collision/auto services do you know with towing, repair and rental services all under one roof? You can add Long Beach Auto Body to your contacts, a place where you can ride in luxury and count on us to do your repairs, making your auto experience that much simpler. There is a fleet of cars at our location to pick from to fit into any budget.  If we don’t have it on site, we will call Enterprise and Hertz and have them bring a car to our shop.  Most people have rental car coverage under their auto policy with the insurance company.  Expenses are usually picked up by the Insurer.  Long Beach Auto Body works with multiple rental car companies such as Enterprise, Hertz, and A Step Above Solutions to accommodate all budgets and criteria of our clients.  Rentals are directly billed to the Insurance companies,

Why buy a whole new car when you can rent?

Renting a car provides you the convenience of getting where you need to go without the commitment of a monthly car note. Make your travels simple and smooth when you call Long Beach Auto Body for car rental.  Whether you need to rent a car for a weekend getaway or for a longer period of time, we can help the experience stress free.  Come in and pick up a car and go on your way.